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About Us

History began when I became discouraged with the quality and selection of cross-stitch patterns available both in the stores and on the Internet. I wanted to stitch an image of a Space Shuttle launch, but couldn't find any patterns that were exactly what I wanted. After scouring the Internet, I found an image on NASA's web site. I also found a free web site that would convert my photo to a cross-stitch pattern. After creating the pattern, paying $15 to have it printed at a local print shop, paying for all the materials and spending many months stitching it, I was very disappointed with the results:

An image stitched from a competitor's pattern

An image stitched from a competitor's pattern

The resulting image had colors that were just terribly wrong and the image just didn't look like the photograph. I attributed this to the fact that I had chosen the option to use blended colors, and decided that I would make sure I didn't choose that option the next time around.

My next pattern was an image of the Egyptian god Osiris. It was a beautiful painting that I have loved for years and decided it was perfect for a cross-stitch piece. Again, I used the free service online, but this time without using blended floss. I again paid for the printing, bought all the materials and began stitching. After a couple months of stitching, I again realized the colors were simply horrible!

Another image stitched from a competitor's pattern

Another image stitched from a competitor's pattern

At that point, I knew that my years of experience writing military grade image-processing algorithms for use by the U.S. Army could be put to use to create my own pattern; and that's exactly what I did! After writing a custom software suite, I recreated the Osiris pattern and stitched it on 28 count linen, over two. The results were exactly what I was looking for. To date, this piece is still my favorite!

The same image above, but using a pattern created by

The same image above, but using a pattern created by

Birth Of

After my experience, I knew that I couldn't be alone in my frustration with the quality of patterns available at retail stores and those generated by so-called "expert" services. I decided to use my own expertise to create a service with one main goal: to provide quality custom cross-stitch patterns at an affordable price. I think this has been achieved in

This goal is very important to me, and I think that if you scour the web as I did, you'll find that not only offers the best quality among similar services, but at a price that's more than reasonable! Our competition may claim to offer similar quality but will charge from $45 to $100 for a pattern alone! Or, on the other hand, they may charge similar prices to, but provide you with a pattern that, after stitching for several months, you'll find is quite subpar.

Don't make the same costly and time-consuming mistakes I did! If you have a custom image that you would like to stitch, use the best in the business. I urge you to visit some of our competition and compare their quality and prices with ours. I am confident that in the end, you will come back to for all your custom cross-stitch needs! When you are ready, please visit our Instant Preview page to begin the simple 3-step process of converting your photograph into a custom cross-stitch work of art!


David Bottisti
Owner and Creator of